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I've got my website up where I can blog over there now.. Yeah!! I don't have to post in multiple places anymore... So please come to my website, one resource for all my updates.. :)

Linda Israel

4 Challenge Eyelets - So Blessed Art

The challenge for this art was to use eyelets. Even though you may not be able to see them I used two. lol.. Both are in the oval chipboard and are lavender in color.

In this piece I created a 6 by 6 inch art using scrapbook papers, chipboard, Prima flowers, Adirondack Color wash and rubber stamps. Included in this art is one of my handmade butterflies - made out of polymer clay. It took about 35 minutes to make this art piece, once I had all of the materials gathered.

My recipe for glimmer mist: Future Floor Polish and Pearl Ex I mix in an old spray bottle and put in about a teaspoon of Pearl Ex and test how it looks, if it needs more shimmer I add more Pearl Ex. lol

This time I decided to make a kit of the items I used in this art and offer it for sale.

In the Kit:
Two 6 inch by 6 inch Background papers - Treasure and Plaid
Two 6 by 6 Cardstock papers - Pink and Purple
One cardstock 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 - Exact Ice
Three Cream Prima Flowers
One 6 by 6 Mat Board
One 5.95 inch by 5.95 inch chipboard …

3 Paint Challenge - Live in the Moment Art

The challenge for this art was to use Paint. I recycled some cardboard to add some texture to this 6 by 6 piece of art.

Before I started the video I tore a piece of corrugated card board to the size I wanted, and then I removed the paper on one side as best I could to revel the texture of the corrugation. I coated the cardboard with white gesso paint so that the other colors wouldn't soak into the cardboard.. I used gray paint over the gesso and two shades of green. I was going for an old shabby siding look, at least that was the vision I had for it. lol After the paint had dried on the cardboard pieces I sanded those lightly to help make those look "distressed".

I use mat board as a foundation and glue my scrapbook paper to that with Aleene's original craft glue. I have a box of chipboard that I use to cut my shapes from and I will sit and cut out a bunch of one or two shapes at a time and then put them in a bin to use later.. The oval shape is from a bird oval frame…

2 Sewing Challenge - Follow Your Heart

Use Sewing in the art. For this piece I pull out my sewing machine and get busy... But that isn't the only technique I use. A lot went into this 6 by 6 piece of art.

The heart was hand cut out of paper that I decorated with the Spray Background using Adirondack® Color Wash technique. I love using the Krylon Gold leaf pens. The shine is so pretty.

My cricut was put to use to cut out the postage frame that I coated with gesso and then painted with blue and green acrylic paint. Deciding that the frame needed a little more blue I got out my denim blue Adirondack color wash and sprayed it a little. Coated the frame with fine glitter and set it aside to dry.

Used a torn page from an old readers digest and painted a little of the paint that was still on my foam brush... Adhered this to background paper and put heart on top. then I realized that I wanted to stamp the swirl stamp so I just stamped on the edge.. Picked up a stripe piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to run across the bottom. T…

Children Are ATC

Artist Trading Card for the OFB ATC group.
When we were told what the theme was there were some chuckles and ahs. I wondered what I would do and then I got lucky. I was flipping through a magazine and found the quote and remembered that I had the child with butterfly wings stamp. Then everything came together.

I used an unmounted stamp, background paper and a Butterfly die cut that was given to me.. The paper flowers I made earlier with a tiny flower punch.

I used Glossy Accents by Ranger / Tim Holtz to glue things together in this project. The glitter glue is from Tulip (found in the t-shirt decorating asle). I love using watercolor pencils and an aqua pen.. The aqua pen makes it so much easier than having a brush and water that would get dirty. Just wipe the tip on a paper towel or something to clean it and move to the next color... And it is portable, no worries about spilling water. I used bottled water to fill my Aqua pen.

I made my own tool to add ink to the paper. It is a felt …

Bouquet of Flower Kisses

Handmade flowers that have a surprise center - Hershey's Kisses.

I used the Cricut cartridge Pagoda Passion to cut the flowers at 2.95 inches, I then sprayed the flowers with Adirondack Color wash sprays by Tim Hotz and my own "glimmer mist" which is acrylic floor wax and pearl ex in a spray bottle. The rest of the items I already had in my stash to complete this Bouquet of Flower Kisses, which became a birthday present for my mother. Which she just loved.. lol... Very easy to make.

What you will need:
6 colors of cardstock I used three shades of pink and three shades of purple
bamboo skewers Depending on the size of vase you have 10 to 16 skewers
Pencil sharpener
Hot glue gun
Tissue paper that matches the cardstock for your flowers
Green tissue paper
Hershey's Kisses (I used two bags to fill the vase and these were the Easter Holiday Kisses so there were pretty purple and pink wrappers)
Packing peanuts
Rubber band
Adirondack Color wash sprays (or other type of color sprays)

1 Puzzle Challenge Art

I officially didn't sign up for the challenge that Mary at 2 scrapalot posted: but I decided that I would try to do as many as I could in the next 40 days.. I might not get them all posted everyday but my goal would be to at least get them created and then upload a video for each one...

The first challenge was to use a Puzzle piece in the art. I had a puzzle that I picked up for a dollar of some dinosaurs and thought that would be perfect to use.. My husband laughed at me because I put the puzzle together before I took a corner of it for the art! lol.. I should have taken a photo of it when I finished the puzzle. lol... I'm glad it was an easy and small puzzle, would have hated to worked on it for hours only to take it apart for art. lol... Once I selected the portion of the puzzle I wanted to use I took the rest of the puzzle carefully and placed it in sections back in the box. I should have glu…

Geometric Shapes ATC

The challenge for our OFB ATC group was to create an ATC (Artist Trading Card) with Geometric Shapes. Idea: Use Fun Foam Shapes to create a unique background or even a focal point. I used acrylic craft paint to change the color of the shapes and then stamped on top with a Brilliance Ink pad... Great way to use those odd colored or odd foam shapes. I liked this one so much I ended up making 8 cards! One for my swap partner and the others... hum... I guess I'll swap with someone else. lol

Fun foam can be used in different ways. Next time you see fun foam don't just pass it by pick some up and see how you can change the look of it and create something unique..

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Catching up and my Youtube Giveaway

It has been a few weeks since I have posted on my blog I realized.. I've been busy making art. There are lots of new videos on my youtube account.. I've made several new ATC's for the OFB ATC group and attended the Home Thunder Games as well as the OKC Yard Dawg games.. And on top of all of that I've been suffering from major migraines... So to say the least it has been busy for me... But I like to stay busy, don't like to just sit still, if I do I'll just go to sleep. LOL...

For those of you that didn't know I also make glass beads. I've not been able to make any for almost a year because I moved my glass studio out so my mother could live with me for a year... I'm hoping that I'll get to set it back up very soon now that she has moved into a house with my brother James... But I still have a few beads so I decided to have a give away through my youtube account.. Subscribe to my youtube account and comment on the attached video and your name w…

Easter ATC Card

The Easter Artist Trading Card I made for the Swap group at work. Using Stamps and Fun Flock. I thought it turned out really cute.. Leave a comment on what you think... Don't forget to subscribe and/or follow me, it would make my day you know... Have a blessed day!~ Linda

Dragon ATC

The theme challenge was to make an Asian ATC card. I used my Cricut to cut the Dragon from the Pagoda Passion Cartridge and used a two inch circle punch to make this card. I hope you like the card, it was fun to make, I ended up making a total of 11! lol.. Will be trading the extras.. Have a blessed day!
Linda Israel

Butterflies, ATC Swap and Making Earrings

Showing of a tray of butterflies I made. An ATC Swap I got from suralear1 (Sharon) and finally I share how I make Earrings out of Prima flowers and some bling.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.. Have a blessed day.. Agape' Linda

Handmade butterflies

Made with polymer clay, rubber stamp and alcohol inks. Fast and easy to make using only a few items.

Tools: Polymer Clay, Pasta Machine (Rolling pin or an old glass) Butterfly Cookie cutter, Stamp, baking tray, oven, Alcohol ink, Alcohol.

I mixed two clays because I thought I might use the butterflies on different projects and I wanted them to be stronger and the plain polymer clay can be fragile so adding the stronger one will help keep them from breaking so easily. But it isn't necessary if you plan to glue them to a project that won't get handled a lot.

The Alcohol ink and Alcohol is just one way to "paint" them, I have used acrylic paints and spray paint and just about anything else you can think of on the market, that is just what I used in this video...

When I glue them to a project I sometimes mix glues, white glue and hot glue or an epoxy, depending on what it is I'm using the butterfly for and how much handling it will get. Take a look at some of my other …

Video Setup

How I set up my Video Camera, which is actually a digital camera that is video capable. I used materials I had around the home and purchased: 2 lights, (wiring supplies) and a gorillapod tripod. So far I think this works for me, maybe it will help you in finding a better solution for you? If you have questions please feel free to ask.. A special Thank you to my Husband Henry for helping me.. Have a blessed day...

Lion Wall Art

Lion wall art that I made to give to a friend. Rubber Stamped and embossed in gold ink on brown paper. Used scrap paper and put inside a brown frame. Took less than 10 minutes to make this piece. Quick and easy... Feel free to ask any questions regarding this piece.. I'll be glad to answer them. :)

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Cool websites

I was talking to a friend at work about places to buy things and she shared the following websites with me..

The first three websites are deals of the day. Offers that are only good for one day.. Get them while they last.. Some are great steals and some are so so.. It depends on what you are looking for..

This website has a lot of cool embellishments and supplies.

A always faithful place to shop for me: I love all the specials that they have. I got super lucky on Thanksgiving weekend and got some great bargains on Cricut cartridges.

I've been getting the newsletter from Cricut and like going to their website when I need some inspiration:

And I must go weekly to to see if there is a coupon! lol... I always print at least three. Today I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some glue and took my husband.. When we we…

Lion ATC

An ATC (Artist Trading Card) made for the OFB ATC group where I work. The challenge was to use Yellow and Brown some how on the card. I chose to use some scrap paper and a couple of rubber stamps to create this ATC.

The Youtube Video showing how I made the card..

Please leave comments and subscribe. Love to have feed back, willing to answer questions regarding art. :)

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Spray Background using Adirondack® Color Wash

My version of using Tim Holtz™ Adirondack® Color Wash™ on water color paper, then Stamping over with Stazon ink and Brilliance Ink. I also created my own glimmer spray using acrylic floor wax and Pearl Ex powder.

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Linda Israel

Just some cards I made...

I was looking through old photos and found a couple of cards that I made last year.. I thought I would post the photos...

I like making greeting cards. I usually make 6 to 8 of the same kind because I'll sell them either to coworkers, at the local craft mall (Loving Touch Crafters Mall, Yukon Oklahoma) or to family..

It seems I'm always in need of a card, but I don't seem to remember to mail them.. lol.. I can remember to hand deliver cards! lol.. Maybe some day I'll get organized..

Enjoy the photos. :)

Will be posting a new video soon. :)

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My Studo

A guided tour through my 11 by 14 "studio". My husband calls it my crap room. lol.. I hope you enjoy the tour..

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The Prehistoric ATC

The following is of an ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I made for a swap group I'm involved with at work. I used standard white cardstock, D.O.T.S. Rubber stamps, Stazon Ink, Distress Ink by Tim Hotlz, and Oil Pastels. I was able to make the card in about 15 mins. just decided to speed up the video so it wouldn't take so long! lol... In this project I used masks, where a piece of paper is used to cover an image while other work is done then it is removed to revel the image underneath. This helps to make the image look like it is in the background.. I liked using the Oil Pastels, these blended so nicely. I plan to use these more in other art. If you have questions please feel free to leave a comment.

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Linda Israel Video Introduction

Last night I did my First Video.. Well actually I created more than one.. lol.. I did one video, watched it and decided that I could do better. The second video was better and that is what you see today.. It was hard to decide what to talk about in this first video. There was so much more that I could share, but I was running out of time! lol.. SO I guess I'll just have to save it for the next one.. I hope you like this first video, an introduction of me to you.

LindaLook for me on That's Clever: Episode Number: HCLVR-546
Video -The Setup

For a while now I have been wanting to do some videos so that I can share some knowledge.. But I felt I didn't have a video camera that would work. Well the other day I got to thinking about the little digital camera I have and remembered that it did video.. did a test and I think it will work just fine.. My next delima was getting it set up where it could record what I was doing... Finding the right angle is hard when you don't have the correct tools. So I did some searching on the web and decided that I wasn't going to spend big money for some crazy contraption.. I purchased a little bendy legged tripod at the "W" (those that know me know I hate this store) and brought it home and proceeded to figure out a way to capture my projects via video...

Here is a couple of photos of my contraption.. My husband laughed really hardily when he saw what I had created... I thought I was pretty clever.. The only expense was the little bendy tripod the rest was…

New Year, New Art

Hello and Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I wrote anything so I thought I would share what I created last night. I pulled out some oil pastels and a 6 by 6 art canvas and started to play. I got some ideas from looking at "art journals" on I kept seeing these cool backgrounds that people were using in their journals and I kept thinking I could do that as wall art. Then more people would see the art... So after the Lion's Club meeting last night (it was a short meeting there were only 3 of us in attendance as it was around 15 degrees fahrenheit last night, no one wanted to get out and about. lol)

So I pulled out the oil pastels, and some gloves. I decided that I really didn't want to get my hands dirty because I knew it would be hard to explain at work today. lol... I started laying some blue and purple around the outside edges and smearing it with my hands and decided that I wanted something to help soften the look and found a make up sponge.. t…