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After the Rain

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm that came through.. Thankfully it was only bringing rain and not any of the usual High winds, hail or Tornadoes. When I got home from work there was just enough sunlight that I could take a few photos.. Here are a few that I thought I would share today.

Beauty of Flowers

Since my mother moved in with Henry and I we now have a flower bed or two. And because of this flower bed I able to take a few photos. I have always wanted to have my very own flower bed, and I am thankful to my mother that I now have one. Enjoy the photos.

Time to get Creative

So I've been keeping to myself with my creative side these past few months. I share some digital fluff art with a few of my friends, but outside of that I've been keeping what I create to myself.. I guess I really haven't felt the need to show off, or to share much.. But a dear friend Ang asked me to start sharing outside of the fluff friends application on facebook and so here I am! If you want to check out my "fluff friend" you will need to add the application. I will try to post more of the art here, especially when I get great feed back from my friends.

One of my fluff arts that I have gotten some great feed back on is "Light"

I hope that I will inspire others to create and share as well. Please do come back often.

Thanks so much.