Handmade butterflies

Made with polymer clay, rubber stamp and alcohol inks. Fast and easy to make using only a few items.

Tools: Polymer Clay, Pasta Machine (Rolling pin or an old glass) Butterfly Cookie cutter, Stamp, baking tray, oven, Alcohol ink, Alcohol.

I mixed two clays because I thought I might use the butterflies on different projects and I wanted them to be stronger and the plain polymer clay can be fragile so adding the stronger one will help keep them from breaking so easily. But it isn't necessary if you plan to glue them to a project that won't get handled a lot.

The Alcohol ink and Alcohol is just one way to "paint" them, I have used acrylic paints and spray paint and just about anything else you can think of on the market, that is just what I used in this video...

When I glue them to a project I sometimes mix glues, white glue and hot glue or an epoxy, depending on what it is I'm using the butterfly for and how much handling it will get. Take a look at some of my other videos and you will see me using a mix of products to adhere the butterflies.

If you have questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll will answer them.. Thank you for viewing the video...



  1. fabulous tutorial Linda..those butterflies are gorgeous..tfs Hugs janet

  2. What is the purpose of spraying alcohol on the surface before applying the alcohol inks?
    poetrywriter at gmail dot com

  3. Lynn. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, for some reason I didn't get the message that someone posted. I spray the alcohol to help the ink spread so that it there are not just splats on the butterfly. But sometimes I don't so I do get that look. I do the same when working with paper. I hope that makes sense.. Thanks for your reply!

    Jan thank you for your reply super sweet of you!


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