Linda Israel Video Introduction

Last night I did my First Video.. Well actually I created more than one.. lol.. I did one video, watched it and decided that I could do better. The second video was better and that is what you see today.. It was hard to decide what to talk about in this first video. There was so much more that I could share, but I was running out of time! lol.. SO I guess I'll just have to save it for the next one.. I hope you like this first video, an introduction of me to you.


Look for me on That's Clever: Episode Number: HCLVR-546


  1. wow! i finally get to see the purple heart craft,looks even better live :) u have quite a fun way of getting arts & craft done. might use some suggestions while crafting with my nieces & nephew. do post when u hv more updates - will keep a lookout!
    ~ shob

  2. Hi! That was a really good presentation! I like your cards, they are really beautiful, and I lok forward to seeing more of your updates!

  3. wow.. :D u look gorgeous linda!


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