3 Paint Challenge - Live in the Moment Art

The challenge for this art was to use Paint. I recycled some cardboard to add some texture to this 6 by 6 piece of art.

Before I started the video I tore a piece of corrugated card board to the size I wanted, and then I removed the paper on one side as best I could to revel the texture of the corrugation. I coated the cardboard with white gesso paint so that the other colors wouldn't soak into the cardboard.. I used gray paint over the gesso and two shades of green. I was going for an old shabby siding look, at least that was the vision I had for it. lol After the paint had dried on the cardboard pieces I sanded those lightly to help make those look "distressed".

I use mat board as a foundation and glue my scrapbook paper to that with Aleene's original craft glue. I have a box of chipboard that I use to cut my shapes from and I will sit and cut out a bunch of one or two shapes at a time and then put them in a bin to use later.. The oval shape is from a bird oval frame from Sizzix and I just used the center piece instead of the frame. I like to cut the shape then glue it to the paper and then cut around to remove the extra paper, especially if I'm going to sand around the edges anyway, you can't tell that it was hand cut out instead of a die cut..

If you don't have a sanding block, pick up an extra emery board the next time you are out shopping. These are inexpensive and handy to have around...

Used the Tim Holtz distressed ink pads to go around the edges of the oval and mat. Then I over stamped the oval with a text stamp from A Stamp in the Hand. (one of my favorite stamps to use.)

The word stamps are from Invoke Arts I picked a set a few years ago at the Grapevine Rubberstamp Convention that is put on by Heirloom Productions. Invoke Arts doesn't show this set on their website, but I did see the words in other stamps.. I don't know if they would still have them instock, just not on the website.. I stamped these on a scrap of paper and then tore these out and inked the edges so that it would match my project.

To make lace match the project I used a distressed ink bad and rubbed it over the top of the lace. I think it helps make the texture of the lace pop.. I used a piece of purchase boarder on top of the lace to help bring all of the colors together.

I love using pages out of an old readers digest as background papers.. I used a distressed ink pad to add a little color... Digging paper out of my scrap pile is a lot of fun and I don't throw any of it away! lol..

I used Prima flowers, three small rhinestones and one of my handmade butterflies to help embellish this project. The Glitter Glue is made by Tulip and I find it in the T-Shirt embellishment department and found that it works great on paper.

Over all this was an easy project to make and I think it would be a great gift for a friend..

Thanks for stopping by.. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer you. :)

Have a blessed day!



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