Video -The Setup

For a while now I have been wanting to do some videos so that I can share some knowledge.. But I felt I didn't have a video camera that would work. Well the other day I got to thinking about the little digital camera I have and remembered that it did video.. did a test and I think it will work just fine.. My next delima was getting it set up where it could record what I was doing... Finding the right angle is hard when you don't have the correct tools. So I did some searching on the web and decided that I wasn't going to spend big money for some crazy contraption.. I purchased a little bendy legged tripod at the "W" (those that know me know I hate this store) and brought it home and proceeded to figure out a way to capture my projects via video...

Here is a couple of photos of my contraption.. My husband laughed really hardily when he saw what I had created... I thought I was pretty clever.. The only expense was the little bendy tripod the rest was items I already had... Hopefully my next post will be a video! Wish me luck...



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