1 Puzzle Challenge Art

I officially didn't sign up for the challenge that Mary at 2 scrapalot posted: http://2scrapalot.blogspot.com/2010/04/40-layouts-in-40-days-challenge-april.html but I decided that I would try to do as many as I could in the next 40 days.. I might not get them all posted everyday but my goal would be to at least get them created and then upload a video for each one...

The first challenge was to use a Puzzle piece in the art. I had a puzzle that I picked up for a dollar of some dinosaurs and thought that would be perfect to use.. My husband laughed at me because I put the puzzle together before I took a corner of it for the art! lol.. I should have taken a photo of it when I finished the puzzle. lol... I'm glad it was an easy and small puzzle, would have hated to worked on it for hours only to take it apart for art. lol... Once I selected the portion of the puzzle I wanted to use I took the rest of the puzzle carefully and placed it in sections back in the box. I should have glued it together but I didn't lol... The piece I used I glued a small square of paper on the back side so that it wouldn't fall apart. For the rest you will have to watch the video... :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog I hope that something inspires you!

Blessings to you



  1. I love that you're using our challenge for your artwork! That is so very cool! AND I love your finished piece. Very inspiriing! Thanks! Can't wait to see more. See you soon! Mary

  2. Thank you Mary. The challenge was something great to help me give great videos.. So I'm thankful to you for having posted your video and giving me inspiration to do this! :)


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