Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 Paint Challenge - Live in the Moment Art

The challenge for this art was to use Paint. I recycled some cardboard to add some texture to this 6 by 6 piece of art.

Before I started the video I tore a piece of corrugated card board to the size I wanted, and then I removed the paper on one side as best I could to revel the texture of the corrugation. I coated the cardboard with white gesso paint so that the other colors wouldn't soak into the cardboard.. I used gray paint over the gesso and two shades of green. I was going for an old shabby siding look, at least that was the vision I had for it. lol After the paint had dried on the cardboard pieces I sanded those lightly to help make those look "distressed".

I use mat board as a foundation and glue my scrapbook paper to that with Aleene's original craft glue. I have a box of chipboard that I use to cut my shapes from and I will sit and cut out a bunch of one or two shapes at a time and then put them in a bin to use later.. The oval shape is from a bird oval frame from Sizzix and I just used the center piece instead of the frame. I like to cut the shape then glue it to the paper and then cut around to remove the extra paper, especially if I'm going to sand around the edges anyway, you can't tell that it was hand cut out instead of a die cut..

If you don't have a sanding block, pick up an extra emery board the next time you are out shopping. These are inexpensive and handy to have around...

Used the Tim Holtz distressed ink pads to go around the edges of the oval and mat. Then I over stamped the oval with a text stamp from A Stamp in the Hand. (one of my favorite stamps to use.)

The word stamps are from Invoke Arts I picked a set a few years ago at the Grapevine Rubberstamp Convention that is put on by Heirloom Productions. Invoke Arts doesn't show this set on their website, but I did see the words in other stamps.. I don't know if they would still have them instock, just not on the website.. I stamped these on a scrap of paper and then tore these out and inked the edges so that it would match my project.

To make lace match the project I used a distressed ink bad and rubbed it over the top of the lace. I think it helps make the texture of the lace pop.. I used a piece of purchase boarder on top of the lace to help bring all of the colors together.

I love using pages out of an old readers digest as background papers.. I used a distressed ink pad to add a little color... Digging paper out of my scrap pile is a lot of fun and I don't throw any of it away! lol..

I used Prima flowers, three small rhinestones and one of my handmade butterflies to help embellish this project. The Glitter Glue is made by Tulip and I find it in the T-Shirt embellishment department and found that it works great on paper.

Over all this was an easy project to make and I think it would be a great gift for a friend..

Thanks for stopping by.. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer you. :)

Have a blessed day!


2 Sewing Challenge - Follow Your Heart

Use Sewing in the art. For this piece I pull out my sewing machine and get busy... But that isn't the only technique I use. A lot went into this 6 by 6 piece of art.

The heart was hand cut out of paper that I decorated with the Spray Background using Adirondack® Color Wash technique. I love using the Krylon Gold leaf pens. The shine is so pretty.

My cricut was put to use to cut out the postage frame that I coated with gesso and then painted with blue and green acrylic paint. Deciding that the frame needed a little more blue I got out my denim blue Adirondack color wash and sprayed it a little. Coated the frame with fine glitter and set it aside to dry.

Used a torn page from an old readers digest and painted a little of the paint that was still on my foam brush... Adhered this to background paper and put heart on top. then I realized that I wanted to stamp the swirl stamp so I just stamped on the edge.. Picked up a stripe piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to run across the bottom. Then took the piece to my sewing machine and did a zig zag stitch around the heart and across the bottom strip paper.

Stamped the words out on paper and then tore out, I used a gel pin to color around the words to help them pop. I inked the edges and layered with blue.

The art is mounted on mat board and on the back I cut chipboard slightly smaller and punch two holes and use hanging hardware and a brad to hang the piece.

Placed a purchased boarder across the bottom. Layered Prima flowers and placed a large rhinestone in the center.. Sanded the edges and ran a distressing ink pad around the edges. The butterfly is one of my handmade butterflies that I had premade and it just happened to be in a color that matched.

I hope you liked my take on the sewing challenge. It was fun to make.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Children Are ATC

Artist Trading Card for the OFB ATC group.
When we were told what the theme was there were some chuckles and ahs. I wondered what I would do and then I got lucky. I was flipping through a magazine and found the quote and remembered that I had the child with butterfly wings stamp. Then everything came together.

I used an unmounted stamp, background paper and a Butterfly die cut that was given to me.. The paper flowers I made earlier with a tiny flower punch.

I used Glossy Accents by Ranger / Tim Holtz to glue things together in this project. The glitter glue is from Tulip (found in the t-shirt decorating asle). I love using watercolor pencils and an aqua pen.. The aqua pen makes it so much easier than having a brush and water that would get dirty. Just wipe the tip on a paper towel or something to clean it and move to the next color... And it is portable, no worries about spilling water. I used bottled water to fill my Aqua pen.

I made my own tool to add ink to the paper. It is a felt square velcroed to a square block. Got the felt in the kids craft area, the velcro in sewing and the square in woodworking. These are pretty cheap to make and when the felt is too dirty to use or wears out just peel off and put another one on.. (I also use the same "tool" when I do polish stone on glossy paper, which will be another video soon).

My dogs were very noisy this night, my neighbor, who is also my CPA came over to bring our taxes - Ray D. Young CPA ROCKS!!! by the way... We got a refund on our Federal taxes we were pretty excited! lol... So that is why I cut out the "noise" it was very, very loud! LOL... Go see "My Dogs Feb 2010" video and you will get an idea of how loud it can get.. lol...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy viewing this ATC.

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments... I might be slow to answer, as I'm still learning how this thing works! LOL.

Have a blessed day!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bouquet of Flower Kisses

Handmade flowers that have a surprise center - Hershey's Kisses.

I used the Cricut cartridge Pagoda Passion to cut the flowers at 2.95 inches, I then sprayed the flowers with Adirondack Color wash sprays by Tim Hotz and my own "glimmer mist" which is acrylic floor wax and pearl ex in a spray bottle. The rest of the items I already had in my stash to complete this Bouquet of Flower Kisses, which became a birthday present for my mother. Which she just loved.. lol... Very easy to make.

What you will need:
6 colors of cardstock I used three shades of pink and three shades of purple
bamboo skewers Depending on the size of vase you have 10 to 16 skewers
Pencil sharpener
Hot glue gun
Tissue paper that matches the cardstock for your flowers
Green tissue paper
Hershey's Kisses (I used two bags to fill the vase and these were the Easter Holiday Kisses so there were pretty purple and pink wrappers)
Packing peanuts
Rubber band
Adirondack Color wash sprays (or other type of color sprays)
Your version of a Glimmer Mist

This was fun and quick to make once I had all the materials laid out... Oh and you will stab some of the kisses if you jam the skewers in really hard so go gently I just warned my mom that the candy was all wrapped when I started and the vase was clean and I did the damage so she could still eat the candy lol.. I think it would be a wonderful Mothers day gift. Or for a new mother in a hospital after giving birth. For a friend that can't have real flowers because of allergies.. So don't limit yourself look at candy in a different way, maybe a different candy could be the center...

I hope that this inspires you to create one for someone you love... Please feel free to ask questions. I love sharing what knowledge I have.. :)

Have a blessed day.


1 Puzzle Challenge Art

I officially didn't sign up for the challenge that Mary at 2 scrapalot posted: but I decided that I would try to do as many as I could in the next 40 days.. I might not get them all posted everyday but my goal would be to at least get them created and then upload a video for each one...

The first challenge was to use a Puzzle piece in the art. I had a puzzle that I picked up for a dollar of some dinosaurs and thought that would be perfect to use.. My husband laughed at me because I put the puzzle together before I took a corner of it for the art! lol.. I should have taken a photo of it when I finished the puzzle. lol... I'm glad it was an easy and small puzzle, would have hated to worked on it for hours only to take it apart for art. lol... Once I selected the portion of the puzzle I wanted to use I took the rest of the puzzle carefully and placed it in sections back in the box. I should have glued it together but I didn't lol... The piece I used I glued a small square of paper on the back side so that it wouldn't fall apart. For the rest you will have to watch the video... :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog I hope that something inspires you!

Blessings to you


Geometric Shapes ATC

The challenge for our OFB ATC group was to create an ATC (Artist Trading Card) with Geometric Shapes. Idea: Use Fun Foam Shapes to create a unique background or even a focal point. I used acrylic craft paint to change the color of the shapes and then stamped on top with a Brilliance Ink pad... Great way to use those odd colored or odd foam shapes. I liked this one so much I ended up making 8 cards! One for my swap partner and the others... hum... I guess I'll swap with someone else. lol

Fun foam can be used in different ways. Next time you see fun foam don't just pass it by pick some up and see how you can change the look of it and create something unique..

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog..

Have a blessed day!


Catching up and my Youtube Giveaway

It has been a few weeks since I have posted on my blog I realized.. I've been busy making art. There are lots of new videos on my youtube account.. I've made several new ATC's for the OFB ATC group and attended the Home Thunder Games as well as the OKC Yard Dawg games.. And on top of all of that I've been suffering from major migraines... So to say the least it has been busy for me... But I like to stay busy, don't like to just sit still, if I do I'll just go to sleep. LOL...

For those of you that didn't know I also make glass beads. I've not been able to make any for almost a year because I moved my glass studio out so my mother could live with me for a year... I'm hoping that I'll get to set it back up very soon now that she has moved into a house with my brother James... But I still have a few beads so I decided to have a give away through my youtube account.. Subscribe to my youtube account and comment on the attached video and your name will be put into a drawing. When I reach 200 subscribers on or before May 5th the lucky winner will get an 18" Sterling silver necklace that has two sterling silver beads and three of my glass beads on the chain and then you will get four additional beads that can be switched out on the same chain or you can use these in any other way you choose.

The beads are blue and the center bead has dots. It is hard to see in the video so I thought I would take a few photos so everyone could see how pretty they really are!

Black with Red dots, Purple, yellow and green beads.

Here is the youtube video with all of the details. :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading.. Have a blessed day!

Linda Israel

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter ATC Card

The Easter Artist Trading Card I made for the Swap group at work. Using Stamps and Fun Flock. I thought it turned out really cute.. Leave a comment on what you think... Don't forget to subscribe and/or follow me, it would make my day you know... Have a blessed day!~ Linda

Dragon ATC

The theme challenge was to make an Asian ATC card. I used my Cricut to cut the Dragon from the Pagoda Passion Cartridge and used a two inch circle punch to make this card. I hope you like the card, it was fun to make, I ended up making a total of 11! lol.. Will be trading the extras.. Have a blessed day!
Linda Israel